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Teaching online requires the right tools. 

Set Up Your Tools and Course Site

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Set Up Your Devices and Software

Make sure you have:

Find Your Canvas Course Site


  1. All academic courses taught at the University of Minnesota have a Canvas course site that is automatically created. Even if you don’t use Canvas, your course site is there for you and your students are automatically enrolled in it.


    Key Links menu of the MyU website where you can link to Canvas
    MyU Key Links menu
    To find your Canvas course site, go to MyU > Key Links > Canvas, or go directly to
  2. The Canvas Dashboard displays all the course sites associated with you. Find the name of your course and the appropriate term (i.e., PSY 1001, 2020 Spring).


    Course Card for PSY 1001 with an image, the course number and title, and term and dates
    A sample Course Card
  3. When you first enter your Canvas course site, you will see an empty site.


    empty Canvas course site for Egyptology 1001
    A sample empty Canvas course site
  4. You can use the Keep Teaching: Canvas template as a starting point for your Canvas course site. The template was created for instructors who are new to Canvas and includes a sample home page, a sample assignment, a sample discussion, and a sample quiz. All items can be modified to fit your teaching needs. The Keep Teaching - Import Template video (2 minutes) demonstrates how to use the template.
  5. For further guidance about adding content to your site, see Connect, Teach Online, Communicate, & Assess and Evaluate pages on this site. 

Announce Your Online Presence

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Update and Upload Your Syllabus

Update and upload your syllabus to Canvas with your new expectations around this new emergency teaching and learning experience.

Find instructions on How do I use the Syllabus as an instructor?

Publish Your Course Site

Find instructions on How do I publish a course?

Email Your Students

Email a description of how online teaching will work to your students and TAs and include the site URL.

Find instructions on How do I use the Inbox as an instructor?

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