Assess and Evaluate

Canvas provides tools for reviewing student work, providing feedback, marking scores and calculating course grades. Remember to grade student submissions and provide feedback to your students in a timely manner.

Evaluate Student Progress

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Collect Student Work and Submissions

Use the Canvas Assignment tool to collect student work. Be sure to set these assignments for online submissions.

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Grade Student Work

Every Canvas assignment, graded discussion and quiz includes SpeedGrader for easily reviewing student work, marking scores, and providing annotations and feedback.

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Make Student Grades Available in the Gradebook

Use the Gradebook to easily input, manage, and release grades to students.

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Provide Feedback to Students

There are a number of Canvas tools that may be used to provide feedback to students.


Canvas SpeedGrader lets you add comments for each assignment submission.

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Canvas Gradebook also allows you to provide feedback to students.

For more information see How do I leave comments for students in the Gradebook?


Canvas Inbox can be used to send a private message to a student.

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Create Online Assessments

Learn strategies for creating new or adapting your existing quizzes or exams for online delivery.

Submit Course Grades to PeopleSoft

If you are using the Canvas Gradebook for recording and calculating course grades, you can export your final course grades directly to PeopleSoft (Faculty Center).

For more information see Canvas: Send Grades to PeopleSoft.

To get additional support for PeopleSoft, contact your department administrator or [email protected].

Promote Academic Integrity in an Online Environment

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